Managed TimeSeries

Time-series often require a specific database technology called "time-series database management system". This is only part of the story, how do you install the data? In which form? How do you visualize it? Leverage analytics? Archive the data? Back it up? This is where QuasarDB's Managed Timeseries solution comes in.

QuasarDB is now the only operational solution on the market that, thanks to its innovative design and simplicity, combines large-scale storage and instant querying. Built on a vertical approach with a single software package, QuasarDB performs storage, distribution, standardization and analysis.

No matter what, we build it for you

Your challenges

  • Ingest your new data fast enough
  • Snappy analytics and visualization
  • Keep control of your budget
  • Have a coherent and structured vision of your data
  • Integration within your ecosystem
  • Manage data access and entitlement
  • Ensure your data is safe and secure

Our solutions

  • Fastest ingress speed on the market
  • A unique database engine built from the ground up for the most demanding time series use cases
  • Cutting edge compression algorithms for maximum resource efficiency
  • Flexible schema supporting several native data formats
  • Wide range of connectors
  • Cryptographically-strong built-in authentication mechanisms and fine-grained access control
  • Daily backups and transactional operations ensure maximum safety

Powered by QuasarDB Technology

Leverage the fastest and most powerful time-series database in the world in optimized and secured instances running in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

QuasarDB is a high-performance, distributed time series database that seamlessly combines in-memory capabilities with reliable storage.

QuasarDB is the solution of choice for mission critical environments where the notion of Time series is at the heart of the digital transformation, such as smart building, smart cities, financial markets, defense, transportation, and generally speaking industrial IoT.

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Your job

  • Provide us data samples
  • Tell us how you want to deliver the data to us (files, streams, APIs...)
  • Tell us which connectivity you need (analytics, visualization, tools...)
  • Wait for our engineering team to deliver the complete solution

Our job

  • Analyze your data and determine the optimal database schema
  • Setup automated ingestion processes
  • Configure connectivity for your needs
  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied

QuasarDB Online in a nutshell

  • Turn-key, zero-maintenance solution
  • Latest and greatest from QuasarDB
  • Perfectly optimized and secured instances
  • Highly optimized storage featuring QuasarDB unique compression algorithms
  • Fully managed instances including backups, upgrades, and maintenances

Some Use Cases...

Crypto Hedge Fund

Fully integrated execution platform

  • Direct connectivity to several crypto exchanges for live database updates
  • Complete redundancy system to ensure very high availability
  • Unlimited history for backtesting and risk analysis

Industrial IoT

Predictive maintenance platform

  • Data ingestion through Kafka from hundreds of thousands of sensor data
  • Direct leveraging of the data through Python Pandas
  • Ultra-efficient compression for an unbeatable TCO

Liquidity Provider

Risk analysis and compliance

  • Daily data updates delivered through files
  • Instant risk analysis and reporting
  • Visualization software directly connected to the database for instant overview
  • Unlimited history

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Prefer to run a database on premises? Want to evaluate QuasarDB on your own first? Check out our community edition!

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